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Quite a few years ago, when I was still in college, I remember I had a discussion with one of my classmates. He was working for a company that developed games for mobile phones. I will remind you, this was before the existence of smartphones like the iPhone, etc. He was arguing that mobile gaming was the future. I refused to believe him. As a dedicated PC gamer, I couldn’t see how gaming on mobile devices would ever catch on.

The only games I had seen were horrible and whenever I started one, I got this bulky Java environment that had to be loaded first. Nobody would willingly sit through a Java loading screen and an additional game loading screen just to play a crappy game displayed on a tiny screen, right?

Only recently I decided to get myself an iPhone. I was tired of keeping track how much credit I had left on my phone and if I was going to get a subscription, I wanted to get something that would be of more use to me than a simple call. So I got myself an iPhone. The monthly fee for the subscription covered everything in the bundle. No additional fees for using the Internet, etc.

There are an abundance of applications that can be downloaded for the iPhone, by using Apple’s AppStore. Needless to say, there are a lot of games as well. The first time I saw the list of available titles, I frowned to myself. How could you possible play Assassin’s Creed on an iPhone? What the fuck? I still don’t have that question answered by the way, because I don’t want to spend more than €3 on anything I grab from the AppStore.

However, I did grab some other high rated games. Nothing too fancy, just some simple games that looked quite elegant. Some of these games are addicting! For example, I was playing Flight Control and I was shocked at how good it was! Overcome by curiosity I decided to download a few more games: Doodle Jump, Mouse About and Epic Pet Wars. After a couple of hours worth of gaming the argument about the future of games on mobiles with my classmate came back to me.

I will have to give credit to him and acknowledge he was right. Phones have come a long way and the AppStore provides a very nice way of distributing games for small prices. If a lot of people think: “Oh, that game is only €0,79!” and actually buy and download it… well, let’s just say that many small amounts will become a fairly big amount. There are, not only games, but applications as well, available on the AppStore that have been downloaded well over 200.000 times! I will let you do the maths on that one.

Maybe I should look into games or application development on the iPhone!

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